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A few days after we wrote about Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg's gorgeous, cinematic gifs, we received an unexpected email. It was from Mike Pecci who said someone had shared our cinematic gifs link with him and that he was "in shock!" As he explains, "This was a theory I have been working on for a few years now, and 'Bam!' these guys are doing the same thing! Insane!" Rather than beating himself up about the fact that he didn't release his gifs first, Pecci was happy for Beck and Burg's success. "My friend asked me if I was sore about not breaking them first," he says, "and I said hell no man! It’s all about the photography!" (How can you not love that?)


After about two years in development, Pecci just released his very own set of gifs he calls Living Images. "They are more than gifs," he tells us, "they are high definition images that can fill your screen and high concept poses and actions the really make you stop and stare. We are using all sorts of cutting-edge technology, and working hard with the new HTML5 testing a new technique that hasn’t been done yet. Really cool stuff." (We agree!)



A bunch of wonderfully awkward folks review the Grindhouse DVD

"Today’s flavor of Guilty Pleasure is Grindhouse. Glenn gives us a history of the genre and shares his new screener copy of Mike Pecci’s Grindhouse Shorts. Glenn enjoys the comic book style of the multiple-covered DVD.  Everyone loves the mood and style of the intro shot and opening menu of the DVD from this gritty photographer-turned-moviemaker. Glenn appreciates the composition and the artistry of this impressive presentation. Christina’s favorite part is the Mommentary, the commentary with his mom."

The clip is large might take a second to load 



Watch a mini-documentary about the making of the new Killswitch Engage album            

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Massachusetts-based metal act Killswitch Engage has a new record on the horizon—Disarm The Descent, out April 2—and is offering fans an evil little glimpse at life inside the recording studio. Shot by directors McFarland And Pecci, New Awakening is a five-part, 30-minute documentary chronicling the making of the record. Featuring interviews, rehearsal and studio footage, and the return of original singer Jesse Leach, New Awakening aims to show fans what life in the studio is like, which is to say both musically enthralling and mentally exhausting.





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Twisted, dark and awesome. Three words that describe the work of the creative team and visual artists that make up McFarland & Pecci. Still relatively new Creative Cloud members, these fellas have wasted no time utilizing the broad range of tools and programs to create one-of-a-kind work. A documentary film for well-known “metal core” band, Killswitch Engage? They’ve done it. High concept cover art for the Boston Phoenix? Sure. See what we mean about twisted, dark and awesome?

We engaged in a lightning round Q&A session with them to get more details on why Creative Cloud works for them. The diverse amount of products offered, the seamless syncing, constant updates, and bug fixes are just a few reasons why this duo takes creativity to a whole new level.

Adobe: Describe a project you are currently working on or have completed with Creative Cloud.

Pecci: We signed up for Creative Cloud a few months ago and jumped right into a few projects with Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. McFarland & Pecci is a creative team of directors and visual artists. We create everything from high concept photo shoots to feature films and documentaries. The past few months have kept us busy in post-production on the new Killswitch Engage documentary called “New Awakening”, the new music video for CZARFACE featuring Inspectah Deck from Wu-Tang, one of the final high concept covers for the Boston Phoenix, and an upcoming ”double secret” comic book film.

What was your inspiration behind the project?

We love to tell stories, and we tend to be drawn to darker subject matter and artists that are obsessed with their craft.  The film on Killswitch Engage was a fun project that allowed us to focus on the guys as a family unit and we kept our gear tight and our crew small. The CZARFACE video is deeply rooted in our love for Grindhouse flicks and Shaw Brothers films, and the ‘End of the World’ photo shoot was completely influenced by the epic magic of Michael Bay!

How has the Creative Cloud changed your creative workflow?

We switched to Premiere Pro to simplify our workflow. Plain and simple. We shot CZARFACE with the RED EPIC in 5K with Hawk anamorphic lenses.  The piece required a lot of compositing in After Effects and color grading. The fact that I could bring the raw files right into my timeline and directly export to After Effects made our lives so much easier. A competitor’s program has really dropped the ball when it comes to professional editing these days so we were looking for a smart move. Just the time saved by not having to transcode footage from the RED and/or DSLRs was enough of a reason to make the jump to Premiere Pro.

What tools specific to Creative Cloud enable you to work more efficiently?

As mentioned earlier, all the new benefits of Premier Pro were our big draw in the video side of things, but the new version of Photoshop and its retouching tools and amazing smart layers really helped us composite these giant “End of the World” files. We have always been Adobe fans in one way or another, but having it all in one spot really helps us.  The cloud helps us keep both systems identical in our edit bays, and the constant updates have fixed a lot of software bugs already.

Describe your style of work in three words

Really F$#Kin Awesome!

Fill in the blank: I couldn’t create without _________.

Our twisted minds and the tools that can keep up with them.

What advice would you give to an individual who is considering Creative Cloud?

If you are a video editor, make the jump to Premier Pro.  Just do it. Creative Cloud is the smart choice; you sign up and download everything you need. It even runs on two systems. Makes having a post house a lot easier.