Director Mike Pecci’s films are a master class in gut wrenching suspense in the best traditions of cinema. They are a masterful blend of sci-fi, horror and surrealism.

Mike Pecci Director

Classically trained as a silent filmmaker and cinematographer, Pecci then spent over 19 years forming and running a production company that has produced award winning content for brands like BOSE and Sam Adam’s, and music videos and treatments for artists like the Wu Tang Clan, Lucius, Killswitch Engage, and MESHUGGAH.

His two recent acclaimed short films, the Russian sci-fi epic “12 Kilometers” and the Argento inspired thriller “Who’s There” are both currently in development to be features.

You can listen to Pecci’s weekly on his podcast “In Love with the Process” where he gives his fans unrestricted access into his process of film making and offers hope to anyone who has decided to leave that 9 to 5 job and chase their dreams.


His work is a constant experience in the gritty, raw, and raunchy. It’s edgy, without being cliche, which always makes it a treat to check out.
I look forward to seeing more from Pecci. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood snatches him up immediately after being exposed to this short film (12KM).
— Michele "Izzy" Galgana
Mike Pecci loves telling stories, whether on film, in photographs, on the page, or just over beers at a bar.
Mike Pecci is a master of his craft.
— School of Motion