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Mike Pecci’s “The Dead Can’t Be Distracted” (Punisher fan film)

James Rios

Hates movies, but loves films. Although he can be a tad harsh on certain movies, James enjoys all genres of cinema... as long as it's well put together and brings something new to audiences.

The reason why we started Us vs. Film was because we love seeing and talking about new and upcoming filmmakers that make something told from the heart and shows audiences something original. Unfortunately the Hollywood industry distributes a lot of the same things over and over again that we’ve seen before when they should be giving talented upcoming filmmakers a chance to show their vision.

A very interesting story has been brought to our attention that everyone should read about. The Punisher is a Marvel comics character that has been adapted three times into unsuccessful and not well received films. Filmmaker Mike Pecci

has made a short fan film that he wanted fans of the Punisher to see in a whole new light that hasn’t been seen before. Fan films based on comic characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, and even The Punisher have been posted online in previous years without any complaints from studios or comic creators. Mike’s vision of the character, however, cannot be shown to us.