The Test Kitchen is something we do at McFarand & Pecci whenever we have a spare moment.  It’s an opportunity for us to test out new techniques, gear, or shooting ideas and share it with the crew.  This time around we got a hook up from the lovely folks at Quixote Studio in Boston and brought in some new toys to test.  Nikon shipped us out some fantastic new lenses and I fell in love with the Nikor 20mm lens.  We have a few projects coming up that require a lot of movement with compact cameras so we wanted to see how the Nikon D800 would mount to a specially rigged Zcuto cage.  Ikan also let us test run their LED 1x1’s.   They are battery powered and have a sweet digital control panel on the back allowing us to dial in specific brightness and color levels.  They also have remote controls that can work on all the lights or just individuals.  We wanted to see what sort of flares we got using them with the lenses.  Expect to see this stuff used on our next piece.  Check out some of the clips that we shot with a slight low contrast setting and without and color grading.   Drop me a line if you have any specific questions.