So you have reached the end of my article and I’m sure you are wondering, “Will I ever see this film?” Why don’t I just release it?  Ask yourself the same question.  What would you do when staring at a letter from one of the biggest, wealthiest companies in the movie business?  They can put me out of business with the snap of their fingers.  Do I have a beef with Marvel?  Absolutely not.  I think they have become so huge and that my film is lost in the belly of the corporate beast.  I want the right people at Marvel to see this film, to rescue our film, and to hopefully be inspired by my love for this character.

So how can you see it?  Write to Marvel.  Tell them that you want to see this film.  Tell them you want to see our Punisher on the small screen. 

Twitter or on their website



I want to make a Punisher online mini series.  I want to do it with Marvel.  I think that Frank’s story is not suited for the hour and a half long format.  Short episodes with a longer story arch would allow us to see who Frank becomes and how his war changes him.  We would be able to meet the characters he teams up with and the enemy he hunts.  How does he buy his weapons?  How would he take down a building full of trained men?  How has he changed since he started?  Let ride along with Castle and meet the people who are effected by his war.  Let's make is rough, dirty, and raw.

A Better Punisher.

Written by Mike Pecci. 

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