PUGET SYSTEMS have been a long supporter of my work and are a big sponsor for the Podcast. Looking for a new edit machine?  Don’t want to spend all the APPLE money?

Go check out the options at PUGETSYSTEMS.com

I have two 4K edit systems from them that I cut everything on!


RULE BOSTON CAMERA is the best place to rent camera gear in New England! Not only do they carry the latest and newest equiptment, but they are always running training seminars and special guest nights that makes sure our community grows stronger.  Check out the Special Pub Night that Mike hosted on directing 12KM.


Ever experienced emotional responses to lighting? The clarity of sunlight or the beauty of a candle. They create a feeling and affect our well-being. We also experience the negative effects of harsh, eye straining partial spectrum light. At Quasar Science, we are out to change the way our environment is experienced.

The traditional incandescent light bulb has been around for over 100 years and it has served us well. However this light source is inefficient and it is time for a change. The LED market is thriving as a sustainable option in today’s rapidly evolving world.