The conversation continues with actor Lance Williams talks with Pecci about surviving as an actor, the importance of set etiquette and working with Denzil Washington on the set of Equalizer 2.

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Director Mike Pecci talks about his latest secret film project and discusses what a “proof of concept” short film is and how he puts one together. Expect an update on the current status of the feature film version of 12 Kilometers and how Pecci’s proof of concept short film 12KM got him into some of the biggest rooms in Hollywood. Guest starring in this episode is actor Lance Williams who spends a lot of time on Mike's films sets as both talent and crew. Together with assistant Dave they get into a great conversation about set life and acting that ultimately proves to be too big for one episode.

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In this episode director Mike Pecci chats with two upcoming film composers, Mike Tran and Martin from CODE ELEKTRO. Tran has written the music for Pecci’s past three films (Moped Knights, TDCBD, 12KM) while also juggling a career as a professional DJ (VOLTRAN). Martin talks about his career writing scores for commercials while creating electronic synthwave music that would make John Carpenter jealous. Together they chat about how to get started as a composer, the writing and creative process, and how to collaborate with a composer from a directors perspective. Go to http://www.codeelektro.com/ to pick up his new album Check out our facebook page for more links to the work of Mike & Martin: https://www.facebook.com/inlovewithth...

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How do you translate the emotional truth from a script into lighting?
Mike Pecci digs deep into the art of lighting with special guests gaffer Josh Dreyfus (Wheelman, The Lost City of Z, Manchester by the Sea) and lighting guru Ruben Alves (Red Sky Studios). The guys talk about the stuff you always wanted to see in American Cinematographer. What does a gaffer do? How can lighting help support themes? When getting started, what light do you turn on first? Recorded at Red Sky Studios in Boston.

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One of the best resources you have as a filmmaker is teaming up with your local camera and lighting rental houses. In this episode Pecci talks about his 16+ year relationship with Rule Boston Camera and owner John Rule. They talk about the benefits of renting gear, learning labs, how to get an internship, and much more. If you are looking to learn more about cameras or how to run your small production business, this is the episode for you.

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In this episode Mike Pecci talks in detail with first time director David Apostolides about his recent adventures in Europe while shooting his first feature length documentary film. They also discuss how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign from start to finish and what it’s like to travel through Europe with a small film crew. If you are a young filmmaker looking to start your first film, you will find this episode really helpful. Put on your favorite headphones, sit back and relax and enjoy the new episode of In Love with the Process.


If you don’t make it as a director, if you don’t make it as a cinematographer you can still find ways to support a creative vision. The guys from Puget Systems talk with Pecci about the MAC vs PC debate and get into how they firmly believe in supporting creative people and getting them what they need to do what they do best.

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How to be a sucessful photographer.
In this episode, Mike Pecci talks about his career in photography with fashion photographer Gina Manning. Together they discuss how they got started in the business -- how to properly put a price tag on your services -- and the joys of collaborating with stylists and magazines. A must listen for any young photographer and filmmaker looking to boost their clients.

Check out ginamanning.com to see the work discussed on this episode

Starring Mike Pecci & Gina Manning

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In this episode Pecci travels to Las Vegas for NAB and meets with Rod Clark. Together the discuss how to get a sponsorship and how a creative with a 9 to 5 job can still contribute to the artistic side of the film business.

Starring Mike Pecci, Rod Clark, Tony Fernandez, Robert Buchanan and David Apostolides.

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In this episode director Mike Pecci talks with special guest Jesse Leach from the Grammy winning metal band Killswitch Engage about how music videos are actually made.

Check out the behind the scenes video for the Killswitch Engage video produced by McFarland & Pecci

Starring Mike Pecci, Jesse Leach, and David Apostolides.

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This month’s episode goes deep into film schools and how a young filmmaker can get started in the film business.  Director Sridhar Reddy and Mike Pecci give insight into how their careers began back in NYC in 1999 at New York Film Academy. 

Starring Mike Pecci, Sridhar Reddy, and David Apostolides.

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In this episode director Mike Pecci has a conversation with his new assistant and film student David Apostolides about getting started in the film business.

Featuring an intro with Ara Woland and narrated by Lance Williams.




Pecci is a master of his craft. He's a Director and D.P. who has been creating stunning imagery for clients as varied as Bose and Killswitch Engage. In this episode of our podcast Mike talks about ways to think about camera and lighting (among other things) that have helped him learn to hone his image-making ability. All of this knowledge can be translated into 3D, and if you use Cinema 4D you're going to want to take notes.

Listen to it here.


In this episode of Modern Cinematographer we speak with the director, Mike Pecci, and the DP, David Kruta, of the film 12 Kilometers.

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