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Just today I came across Mike Pecci’s new short film CAPTURE DEVICE. Pecci is a well known photographer and video director with work ranging from commercial clients to The Suicide Girls, and as well as punk legends Agnostic Front and Sick of It All, amongst many others.

His work is a constant experience in the gritty, raw, and raunchy.  It’s edgy, without being cliche, which always makes it a treat to check out.  Previously we reviewed his other short film COLD HARD CASH, and were shockingly surprised with its uncompromising “in your face” attitude that evoked a bit of grindhouse that even Tarantino would have a hard time tapping into.

CAPTURE DEVICE is a short that is a bit more experimental in nature. With a runtime of less than nine minutes, and no dialogue it relies upon the visual narrative to carry the story.  The relentlessly grating soundtrack creates an unnerving and truly visceral immersion into a slow building madness.   As with COLD HARD CASH Pecci returns to working with The Suicide Girls as his source for casting.  Our lead, played by Granny Suicide, moves from what might have been an otherwise normal day and descends into her own insanity, becoming trapped by the very machine she uses to express herself.

Mike Pecci states that “It is a dark statement on our constant need for attention online and stars the Suicide Girl Granny. Shot for two days in Boston on a micro budget, the experimental piece will hopefully entertain our fans.”