Instagram CLIP EXAMPLE 01

Here is a custom made instagram clip that was provided to our sponsor Puget System to be used as an instagram ad and posted on my social media outlets.

Instagram CLIP EXAMPLE 02

Here is a custom made Instagram clip that was created to promote a contest done by our sponsor for a free edit system! This ran on Instagram and Facebook as well as our social media outlets.

Below are two examples of mid-roll ad reads for our sponsors. Both reads are improvised by our host Mike Pecci, and each is at least 60 seconds..


All Paid sponsors are listed on all the promotional graphics on the bottom center..



All our sponsors have trackable links listed on our “Please Subscribe Page” Click here to see.

This is the page listed on all our social media accounts. It’s where we drive new followers to subscribe to the show and check out new promotions.


Quarterly Sponsor Special

Our long time quaterly sponsors are listed in Mike Pecci’s Instagram bio as a sponsor.