"There’s no shortage of the “new grindhouse” these days.  Sure, gone are the days of shithole grindhouse theaters on 42nd St. with floors that go stick, but it sure hasn’t stopped the resurgence these films have been having.  Hell, I was walking down 42nd just a few weeks ago and found it hard to imagine that such a day even existed.  Now it’s full of upscale restaurants packed with business executives drinking away their Wall Street worries.  With Cold Hard Cash director/producer/cinematographer Mike Pecci brings back a little of that old time vintage sleaze in a way even Tarantino would be timid to touch." - BRUTALASHELL.COM

This short premiered at the 2009 Hollywood Film Festival and has become a cult classic loved by fans and critics.

Directed by Mike Pecci | Starring Odette Suicide, Eliska Suicide, & John Hart