“I remember a world before the nightmares. The fear. The death. Before we found it. Before it found us.”

12 Kilometers is the culmination of Director Mike Pecci’s worst nightmares come to life. During recovery from an accident earlier this year which left him in recovery with a cracked skull, a creature began to emerge; a black, oily creature. Evil manifest.

Against a backdrop of 1980s Russia, a drill team will dig the deepest hole known to man. Dredged from this abyss is an entity that will bring them face to face with their most terrifying fears. What will rise from the ancient depths is a force the likes of which they’ve never seen - one that will ravage them from the inside out.

The first major release from McFarland and Pecci Films, 12 Kilometers is backed by the talents of some of the best and brightest in film, design and photography. Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night / Squidder); comic book artist Orlando Baez; Director of Photographer, David Kruta and micro-photographer and biochemist, Linden Geldhill have all stepped up to lend their unique talents to this cutting-edge psychological massacre.

12 Kilometers will be a true edge-of-your-seat short, dragging you down to the darkest depths of the human psyche. This team is all hands on deck, crafting effects and visuals organically, evoking the feel of true 80s style, conjuring the essence of such classics as “The Thing” and “An American Werewolf in London.”

Boasting an incentive list packed with tons of original art, props from the film and opportunities to be present for the final cut, 12 Kilometers will change the way you think of modern-day horror.